Herniated disc

Herniated disc

What exactly is disc protrusion or disc hernia, how does it occur and how can you treat it? Check out our blog!

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Blog authors

Physiotherapist Toni

bsC. PT. toni marić

Toni is the owner of the Ad Sacrum practice, who has been following elite athletes for years and lectures at Dry needling and Cupping courses.

Physiotherapist Adnan Kojić

BsC. pT. adnan Kojić

Adnan teaches at the world famous ITHRUST education of HVLA technique with the famous Giovanni Bonfanti.

Marko Drašković

mag. Cin. Marko Drašković

Marko is a kinesiotherapist and lecturer of high quality education in the field of biomechanics and movement restoration.

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