Dry needling course Sarajevo

Learn fastprecise and long-term technique that will make you high quality and recognized expert

Dry needling Level 1

3 levels of technique

Detailed diagnostics

Targeted application

Scientific evidence

Free equipment

MASTER therapists

In which direction to continue your career?

If these questions sound familiar,you're not alone! We have had them at the beginning of our careers and we had to find the answers to them by ourselves. 

Most complete Dry needling training

Dry needling Level 1

Dry needling Level 1

Dry needling Level 2

Dry needling Level 2

Dry needling Master

Dry needling MASTER

Course schedule

Dry needling Level 1
Dry Needling Level 1
(30% full)

Dry needling course of the complete spine and gluteal area.

BsC. PT. Toni Marić
700 KM

Learn to treat your patients faster and more accurately

We understand your confusion and frustration with a lack of useful information to advance your career. We were in that position ourselves.

Main lecturer on Dry needling Education BSc. PT. Toni Marić helped with Dry needling more than 20,000 patients in his clinic and primarily because of this technique he leads the best-rated clinic in Croatia with over 300 reviews and a 4.9 rating.  

With our guidance, you can become a top therapist and have a highly respected practice!

BSc. PT Toni Marić

BSc. PT. Toni Marić

  • 10 years of experience
  • more than 20,000 patients
  • sports specialization
  • orthopedic specialization
  • MSK Dry needling therapist
  • best rated clinic in Europe
  • teaching in 6 countries
  • visiting college lecturer

What will you get at Dry needling education?

Treatment of targeted diagnoses

You will help your patients more accurately and in the longer term.

A combination of precise techniques

We will explain how you can use Dry needling technique in combination with other techniques to get a top result the fastest.

Safe execution of techniques

Start doing the technique safely and effectively the next working day.

Detailed script

At the beginning of the course, you will receive a detailed script of the theoretical and practical part of the course.

Easy learning

We will not unnecessarily complicate already complicated matter and you will very simply adopt complicated techniques.

Relaxed atmosphere

In our courses, we maintain a relaxed atmosphere in which no question is “stupid”.

Certificate in English language

A certificate that you can use as proof of expertise and knowledge all over the world.

Free equipment

As part of the Dry needling education, you will receive 300 free needles to start working.

Constant contact with the lecturer

It will allow you to solve your patient's problem even when you have not encountered this problem before.

Who can apply for the course?

Za sudjelovanje na Dry needling edukaciji potrebno je imati prethodno visoko znanje Anatomije i Kineziologije.

Career progression in 3 steps!

1. Step: Apply for the course

We will reserve the first available place for you via e-mail and you will be a participant of the Dry needling training.

2. Step: Learn with us

At Dry needling education, you will learn how to safely, accurately and effectively use Dry needling technique on your patients.

3. step: Become elite therapist

Upon completion of Dry needling education you will know how to solve the problem of your patient much faster and longer term.

What do our students say?

aaaaa 5/5

"Best lecturers!"

At Physioverse Academy there is always something new and different waiting for us. Lecturers are first class, approach and way of explaining is perfect.
Student Of Education Lucija Gnjidić
Lucija Gnjidić
Bacc. Physiotherapy
aaaaa 5/5

"I'm thrilled!"

First education with Toni and I am delighted. A very good approach, a lot of practical work and dedication to the participants of the education.
Student Of Education Jan Šumandl
Jan Šumandl
Bacc. Physiotherapy
aaaaa 5/5

"Top experts!"

Lecturer Toni is a top expert with excellent knowledge of anatomy with many years of experience. My first education with him, but definitely not the last.
Student Of Education Doris Pilić
Doris Pilić
Bacc. Physiotherapy
Physioverse Academy
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Recovery TouchRecovery Touch
07:22 27 Jun 24
Tečaj je zaista koristan, pružajući mi prekrasno iskustvo u suhom iglanju. Tečaj nudi osnovna znanja i zahvalan sam na uspješnom završetku. Vratit ću se za razinu 2, nadajući se još iznenađenja..
Tài NguyễnTài Nguyễn
23:25 26 Jun 24
Hvala na korisnim saznanjima. Prvi put sam naučio i bio izložen Dry Needlingu, i morao sam biti zaprepašten učinkom koji je donio. Također rado mogu modelirati za vas i iskusiti ovu metodu. Vidimo se na razini 2
luận Venenoluận Veneno
10:42 26 Jun 24
Hvala učitelju Tonyju i Physioverse Academy. Odličan tečaj i metoda. tako da svoj posao obavljamo na odličan način. uz pozitivne povratne informacije naših kupaca. Nadamo se da će akademija i učitelj Tony biti prisutni u Vijetnamu kako bi vodili tečaj LV2 suhe igle kojem se veselimo 🇻🇳❤️🇭🇷
Truong Son PhamTruong Son Pham
06:10 26 Jun 24
To je fantastičan tečaj. Nadamo se da ćemo se ponovno vratiti u Vijetnam čim 2. razina. Hvala svima koji ste podržali tečaj suhe igle.
nhucan Trannhucan Tran
06:03 26 Jun 24
Jako sam sretna što sudjelujem u tečaju suhe igle. Puno mi pomaže u terapeutskom radu. Hvala vam što ste doveli ovaj prekrasan tečaj u moju zemlju.
Lara KinkelaLara Kinkela
14:24 27 May 24
The education and the atmosphere were excellent, as were the lecturer Damjan, and the assistant, who are very professional, approachable and patient. I recommend massage education and Physioverse Academy to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge.
10:38 27 May 24
I definitely recommend education at Physioverse Academy. Kudos to the entire team, especially Damjan, who proved to be a very professional educator. He made an effort to convey knowledge, which he definitely does not lack. additional information or ambiguities after education. Thank you, Marijana M.
20:09 26 May 24
Excellent education adapted to everyone. Clinical massage explained by diagnosis. Each segment is detailed. Lecturer Damjan is very professional and detailed. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant.
Matea KneževićMatea Knežević
19:32 26 May 24
Extremely useful education, definitely worth every minute of my time! The lecturer and the assistant are very kind, professional, patient. I recommend it to anyone who decides to enter the world of massage, this education definitely lays a good foundation, but again it is a very good upgrade to existing knowledge! Pure 10!
Denis VragovićDenis Vragović
16:56 26 May 24
Excellent atmosphere at the Clinical and Rehabilitation Massage seminar that took place this weekend, and all praise to the organizers, and especially to our lecturer Damjan for all the knowledge he imparted to us.
Emilija HartmanEmilija Hartman
04:42 21 May 24
I attended dry needling training. Toni is an excellent lecturer who explains in detail and gives practical examples that are extremely useful. Thanks to Toni and assistant Lucija for the perfect education. ☺️
Lucija GečevićLucija Gečević
09:38 20 May 24
I participated in the Dry needling lvl 1 training and I am delighted. Toni is an excellent lecturer who explains everything clearly. Not only did we learn how to apply the technique itself, but he also introduced us to diagnostics. I highly recommend physioverse academy!
Frano DebelićFrano Debelić
18:40 19 May 24
I am very satisfied with the way the lecture was given by lecturer Toni. First of all, I would like to point out the distinct collegiality and selfless transfer of knowledge, which I particularly liked. My recommendation for Dry Needling education!
petar oslovarpetar oslovar
18:05 19 May 24
The cupping and Dry needling educations run by Toni are top-notch, enriched with theoretical knowledge and practical experience rarely encountered. Toni is an extremely serious and dedicated lecturer, who approaches each student with great care, ensuring that everyone fully understands and masters the intended material.
Jelena MilisicJelena Milisic
16:35 19 May 24
Toni is an excellent lecturer, an interesting education and I recommend it to everyone! We will definitely see each other again.
Stella DikšićStella Dikšić
15:46 19 May 24
I am very satisfied with the approach and knowledge imparted by lecturer Toni. I highly recommend Physioverse Academy for Dry needling training.
urška Verdinekurška Verdinek
15:31 19 May 24
Josip BlaskovicJosip Blaskovic
16:15 16 May 24
I decided to study and apply solely because I am an athlete myself, and as such I know how important massage is in recovery or injury prevention, and how many benefits it brings us. The team from Physioverse Academy was really accommodating to the maximum, they did not hesitate in their words and knowledge. Since I took an individual approach, I mostly worked with physiotherapist Damjan, who explained a lot to me from theory to practice and gave me a lot of practical/useful advice. If you are interested in education, I highly recommend the team of experienced physios. from Physioverse Academy.
Ivan BalenIvan Balen
11:06 14 May 24
Education top, lecturer hats off. I definitely made a good decision to study at Physioverse Academy, Cupping. I got exactly what I was looking for from the education: seriousness, professionalism, expertise, imparted knowledge, detailed explanation of each movement and professional answer to every question. Kudos to Toni.
Irena RadićIrena Radić
15:41 12 May 24
Nada StulićNada Stulić
06:57 12 May 24
Very instructive, interesting, fun and relaxed. My time spent in a comfortable environment, the team was great. Thank you, Tony, for your knowledge.
Lidija TrgovecLidija Trgovec
20:56 11 May 24
All praise to teacher and physiotherapist Tony. Level of expertise, excellent atmosphere and pleasant environment. I recommend it to everyone!!
Stjepan-Goran DejakStjepan-Goran Dejak
20:29 11 May 24
Professional, serious, detailed and well-prepared education program, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in which new skills are easily acquired.
Kiki MartinyKiki Martiny
19:48 11 May 24
Education was very interesting with a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere that was taken care of by physiotherapist Toni. All of our questions have been answered and explained. Thank you very much, Tony. I'm looking forward to future education!
Nikoleta K.Nikoleta K.
19:35 11 May 24
Excellent teacher, full of knowledge and patience!
Vladislav KrizVladislav Kriz
14:48 29 Apr 24
Dry needling level 1🎓 new knowledge as well as a completely different approach to both the patient and the problem of care. I owe a big thank you to Luka for the fantastic organization and to Tony as a lecturer who is a legend and a master of his craft, but we have only scratched the surface, there is still a lot to learn at Physioverse Academy
Ivana GajicIvana Gajic
12:00 29 Apr 24
I'm still impressed! The best education I have attended so far. Wonderful atmosphere, wonderful people, Toni and Luka are phenomenal: precise, clear, and open to all questions and help. Experts. They taught this young physiatrist a lot! I am looking forward to all the educations that follow. For any recommendation, especially doctors!
Dragan ObradovicDragan Obradovic
11:47 29 Apr 24
Excellent education with an excellent professional.
Luscious DjurasicLuscious Djurasic
09:28 29 Apr 24
The education was excellent! Great lecturer! Clear 🙌!
marin grubicmarin grubic
21:32 28 Apr 24
One of the best educations, if not the best, I've attended. Toni is an excellent lecturer who conveys his knowledge very well. Kudos to the excellent Luka. All recommendations for this education.
Mihaela LalicMihaela Lalic
15:15 15 Apr 24
The dry needling level 1 education exceeded all my expectations. Toni is an excellent lecturer with vast knowledge and experience. He is there to answer all your questions and to help you gain security in your work. Pleasant atmosphere with excellent organization for the entire course. Every recommendation! I can't wait for level 2.
Nina KljajicNina Kljajic
09:19 15 Apr 24
All praise for the Physioverse Academy and the education provided, and most of all for the physiotherapist Damjan, the educator who worked very hard on the education itself so that everything was clearly explained and shown to everyone.
Jelena SrdićJelena Srdić
09:03 15 Apr 24
After completing the education in clinical and rehabilitation massage, I must praise the organization and lecturer Damjan. Damjan created a pleasant working atmosphere, answered all our questions, and, most importantly, explained each movement in detail and went through it individually with all participants. All recommendations!
Dejan DragovicDejan Dragovic
08:22 15 Apr 24
All praise for the organization, special thanks to Damjan as a top lecturer and educator. A big thank you and I hope to meet again at a future education.
dajana maleticdajana maletic
08:13 15 Apr 24
All recommendations, Damjan is an excellent lecturer. I hope to meet again.😊
Marija MisimovicMarija Misimovic
08:08 15 Apr 24
All praise for the education of clinical-rehabilitation massage in Banja Luka! Damjan is an excellent pedagogue, his experience and knowledge are not questionable at all. He selflessly answered all questions, even those that were not related to the topic of education. He adapted the lecture to each individual, so it was understood even by those who have no contact with the profession, anatomy, etc. We worked in a relaxed and very fun atmosphere, and he was available for help and explanation at every moment of the education. Summa summarum, recommendation from heart! Everything was excellent, from the atmosphere, the organization, the practical part, to the approachability of the entire team! I will definitely join another education 😊
Pre-School EducationPre-School Education
07:55 15 Apr 24
First of all, I want to thank Damjan for the knowledge he shared with us, it meant a lot to me. I am glad that I participated and was part of the team, that I learned a lot of new things about massage, its execution and proper technique. Thank you very much! Slađana
Toni KolendićToni Kolendić
07:37 15 Apr 24
The education was excellent from the very beginning and fully met expectations. The team is excellent, and the lecturer and the complete organization of the course are at an enviable level of expertise and dedication. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their massage technique and expand their knowledge!😉
Karla PuljkoKarla Puljko
08:17 19 Mar 24
Proof that even dry material can be beautifully explained and approached through education.
Petra JarčovPetra Jarčov
19:09 17 Mar 24
The education in palpatory anatomy was very informative and useful. I recommend it to everyone who doesn't know where to start and/or wants to improve their knowledge of anatomy through interactive learning. Lecturer Toni is extremely professional and with his friendly approach managed to make the 'monotonous' material interesting and educational.
Branislav KrsmanovićBranislav Krsmanović
17:51 10 Mar 24
Excellent education and professional mentors, with all this great atmosphere.
David Martin KukovecDavid Martin Kukovec
15:52 10 Mar 24
Very professional organization, with great courses.
Marko ŠkipinaMarko Škipina
16:20 25 Feb 24
The education on Smart Flossing was excellent, the lecturer Marko is prepared, knows what he is talking about, approachable, clearly explains and shows what he is doing. The script is clearly written with pictures that show the explanation in the text. All praise, I will definitely visit a future education!💯💪🏻
Niko LasanNiko Lasan
09:48 25 Feb 24
Excellent course in clinical and Rehabilitation massage. Physiotherapist Damjan Ljubić gave me excellent knowledge in this field and explained everything in detail. Also Toni Marić gave me advice and recommendations for further work in my profession. All praise. I recommend
Ivan KajevikjIvan Kajevikj
08:09 19 Feb 24
Best course ever! Thank you Toni and Physioverse Academy, it was a pleasure to go and learn the dry needle technique. Recommendation to all future students,
Anna ShumkoskiAnna Shumkoski
04:49 19 Feb 24
Congratulations to Tony (Physioverse Academy) and many thanks to the Macedonian Physiotherapy Association (Mfz.mk) for conducting "Dry Needling Level 1". From the atmosphere, energy, communication, and lectures, you managed to explain this technique to us in the smallest details. Not only did I learn the technique, but also the approach to the patient's problem and how to solve it, I expanded my knowledge and now I look at the patient's problem differently. There is no greater success than when you finish the training and you can apply it immediately. And to you, Tony, thank you for selflessly imparting knowledge, showing and repeating everything that was not clear to us. Good luck to all students and may there be more of us! My rating for this course is a CLEAR TEN! Best regards 🙂
Dragan StojanovikjDragan Stojanovikj
20:22 18 Feb 24
All praise to Toni, he is a top lecturer with a lot of knowledge and experience.I can't wait for level 2.
Veronika AtanasovskaVeronika Atanasovska
20:18 18 Feb 24
The dry needle course was excellent. Tony is a really talented teacher who made sure that we all gained significant experience and was really dedicated to teaching everyone about dry needling techniques. I would recommend it to everyone.🤗
Claudia SedjekClaudia Sedjek
04:25 12 Feb 24
I have experience in clinical and rehabilitation massage. Thank you to Tony and Damian for the professional approach and all the knowledge they have passed on to us. Every client we help today / facilitate tomorrow is also your success.All recommendations as educators, and when problems of the locomotor system arise, I know therapists to whom I will turn with full confidence.Thank you, you are the best 💪
Dorian KarasDorian Karas
23:23 11 Feb 24
All praise for Toni and Damjan, excellent approach to the students and excellent education in clinical and rehabilitation massage. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope to see you in another class!😃
Bruno PenavaBruno Penava
21:29 11 Feb 24
Tony and Damjan are two top lecturers. Extremely professional, accessible, friendly and transfer knowledge in a very simple and interesting way. All recommendations
Vedran LomVedran Lom
18:34 11 Feb 24
Excellent education in clinical and rehabilitation massage. Thank you so much to Tony and Damian for your knowledge. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve in the field of massage.
Marija RusićMarija Rusić
17:24 11 Feb 24
Anđela VidovićAnđela Vidović
22:11 05 Feb 24
Excellent teacher and excellent education. If you want to acquire the right knowledge that you can apply without fear on the first day after finishing education, I recommend Tony and his academy.
Selmir IbrahimovicSelmir Ibrahimovic
15:55 05 Feb 24
Excellent education, excellent organization and even better lecturer. I am very happy to be part of the team that participated in dryneedling education.Congratulations to the director and Tony. See you on level two.
Ali NazakAli Nazak
17:01 04 Feb 24
I was in training for dry needling in Sarajevo and was impressed by the depth of knowledge and precision presented by Toni during the lecture.I feel very trained and confident after my education.I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn dry needle techniques professionally and thoroughly.
Harun ZuhricHarun Zuhric
16:54 04 Feb 24
Excellent education, professional, fun and systematic. All praise to the lecturer and the organizers.
Rada P TaoRada P Tao
07:55 01 Feb 24
After the countless educations I have attended, this is the best, most successful professional education. With an absolutely professional approach, dedication and utilization of every minute focused on the matter. A feeling of relaxation, which improves the mastery of the material. Toni Marić is a charismatic person, teaches you with your visibly wide KNOWLEDGE directly from the cause to the the consequences and application of therapy concretely, directly. I thank and look forward to the new education at Physioverse Academy
Karlo UdovičićKarlo Udovičić
11:00 29 Jan 24
Great cupping course!The organization at the top level,all explained in detail and precisely,praises the lecturer Tony.See you soon!
Analis GrahovacAnalis Grahovac
20:27 27 Jan 24
Education held at the highest level, great atmosphere. The lecturer Toni was first-class, in an interesting way he conveyed the knowledge we need to perform cupping therapy. Kudos to the team.
Tomica KoprekTomica Koprek
19:55 27 Jan 24
Excellent cupping education, from the lecturer, to the atmosphere and the way of work itself. Definitely recommended to everyone who wants to be an expert!
Luka PustajLuka Pustaj
18:07 27 Jan 24
The course is well designed and well organized. Lecturer Toni explains and shows the content of the course in an interesting and professional way and is available for all questions. I recommend it to everyone who wants to use the cupping technique in their work with patients!
Marko BogovićMarko Bogović
17:56 27 Jan 24
Excellent education, even better atmosphere. Definitely see you again!
Nikola BartolovićNikola Bartolović
17:55 27 Jan 24
The education for cupping therapy fully justified my expectations! I acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the adequate treatment of various painful conditions! Kudos to the educator!
Lucia LausicLucia Lausic
17:47 27 Jan 24
I participated in cupping education and I am very satisfied. Toni is an excellent lecturer and a great expert. I recommend everyone who is interested in this technique to come to Physioverse Academy, you will definitely not regret it.
Gabriel UljanićGabriel Uljanić
19:19 17 Jan 24
Dry needling's training was excellent. The lecturer was thorough and perfectly explained each part, clarified the ambiguities, made a great effort and overall very good course. I'm looking forward to seeing you on dry needling level 2!
Martina LukšaMartina Lukša
09:38 17 Jan 24
Excellent designed education with a lot of practical part in a relaxed atmosphere. Toni is a great lecturer, throughout the education available for all additional questions, explanations and demonstrations.
Iliya DyakovIliya Dyakov
08:04 17 Jan 24
Extremely high quality Dry needling education led by Toni Marić, who professionally transfers his knowledge and skills. All recommendations for Physioverse Academy.
Stephanie StojakStephanie Stojak
12:32 16 Jan 24
Excellent education of dry needling.One of the most significant aspects of the course was the practical part, where we had the opportunity to apply the learned knowledge under the watchful eye of the experienced mentor Tony. I developed my dry needling skills through carefully guided exercises and real-life case simulations, creating a solid foundation for applying this technique in a clinical setting.All information was clearly presented, and access to the material was structured, facilitating the absorption of the material. I would also point out an excellent balance between the theoretical part and the practical exercises.In addition, the materials we received were very useful and resource-intensive, providing us with additional support and the possibility of revisiting the material after the course.I definitely recommend the dry needling course to anyone who wants to expand their therapeutic skills.
Nace KitekNace Kitek
17:32 15 Jan 24
It was great.
Tin BuzanicTin Buzanic
09:00 15 Jan 24
Dry needling lvl1. Excellent education with very clear instructions, concrete, practical advice with a pleasant atmosphere and super educators.
Patrik DebeljakPatrik Debeljak
21:27 14 Jan 24
Dry needling education is excellent, Toni is a top lecturer, excellent teacher and the atmosphere is friendly.Recommendation for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge in an accessible and interesting way.
Petra BobekPetra Bobek
20:31 14 Jan 24
I give all my compliments to Tony for the Dry Needling course. Each and every part of the technique is clearly explained.I look forward to every education under your guidance.
Sanja LazićSanja Lazić
18:55 14 Jan 24
I am very happy with the training. They exceeded my expectations. Dedicated and expert lecturer. I have to continue my education at Physioverse Academy.
Ana PotrebićAna Potrebić
18:30 03 Dec 23
I attended an education in Palpation Anatomy and Diagnostics - Module 1, which I am very satisfied with. First of all, I would like to praise Toni as an excellent expert and excellent lecturer who, despite his great knowledge and experience, leaves the impression of a simple and approachable colleague and a great person. The knowledge that is acquired during the education is that which is not normally transmitted through education in such a meaningful and connected way, and also the lecturer Toni was happy to share with us many of his practical experiences in working with patients. The education was held for two days and was very good. designed because we had enough time for high-quality processing of the theoretical and practical part and repetition. Although we gained a lot of knowledge, the training was not too demanding, and due to the dynamic nature of the lectures, it was easy to maintain concentration and follow the content well. I would definitely recommend it to someone who is not sure if they should sign up for this training, because it is an excellent base for all other training and quality work.
Mateja GajskiMateja Gajski
17:50 21 Nov 23
For my first course I chose Smart Flossing where I learned all about wrapping joints and muscles with flossing tape. Despite my lack of practice, lecturer Marko explained to me in detail and professionally where I should do palpation and made an effort to leave the course with a new skill that I will try to implement in my work. The teachers have a lot of knowledge that can be seen in their approach and I hope to see you in another education:)
Antonio KorajacAntonio Korajac
21:22 19 Nov 23
Super Flossing course and elite lecturers.
Ana VeselčićAna Veselčić
07:17 19 Nov 23
Participation in an individual cupping course is highly commended. Cupping is a lot more than I expected which is why Tony deserves it. Toni is extremely professional, direct, simple, full of knowledge which makes it easy to learn from him. In addition, it is extremely relaxed and fun so the course passed very quickly without stress. Highly recommended!
Luka DominkovićLuka Dominković
13:14 15 Oct 23
Physioverse Academy cupping education is very useful for starting professional development. Toni is an excellent lecturer with very clear and precise information and instructions on the use of cupping in various musculature problems of the locomotor system.
Anton ZankoAnton Zanko
08:26 15 Oct 23
Toni is a brutal lecturer, great communicator and shares his own experiences and perhaps most importantly does not spare sharing knowledge with the participants. The atmosphere was great and a real pleasure to take the course in such an environment. Congratulations and see you again!
Mislav NovotaMislav Novota
08:01 15 Oct 23
I participated in cupping course and I am more than satisfied. Tony is a top expert who is always ready to help and is also an excellent lecturer. I recommend anyone who wants to master this technique to come to Physioverse Academy. I will definitely be going to another one of their courses.
Bernard NovticBernard Novtic
17:23 14 Oct 23
I participated in the Cupping education, Toni is an excellent lecturer who tries to make the atmosphere pleasant and for everyone to relax during the education. All information is simply and meaningfully formulated and there is an explanation for everything. My first education at Physioverse Academy, I am definitely satisfied and delighted. I look forward to future education.
Emina HrusticEmina Hrustic
11:08 09 Oct 23
A big thank you to the best teacher Tony for the transferred knowledge and excellent education for dry needle 1st degree.All recommendations to other colleagues for education!See you on Level 2.
Luka TomicLuka Tomic
08:01 09 Oct 23
I am the best teacher and educator. Well learned and perfected. I recommend Tony's education to everyone as a mentor. We had a great time at school and an unforgettable experience. Level 2 for dry needling is coming soon and prepare a team Pratite follow us 🤘
Marija KatovićMarija Katović
07:27 09 Oct 23
Excellent education! Toni is an accomplished lecturer who selflessly imparts his knowledge to students. Well done and well done. See you on Level 2.
Aldin ĆorićAldin Ćorić
21:35 08 Oct 23
Excellent teacher, one of the best education I've ever been to. See you on Level 2.
Danijela DragićDanijela Dragić
20:47 08 Oct 23
Very interesting and instructive education.All praise for the lecturer Tony who imparted his knowledge of dry needling level 1 technique in an interesting and quality way.Good advice, I'm looking forward to the next education.
Andrina TomaAndrina Toma
14:13 03 Oct 23
High-quality education!Toni has a very interesting approach, he is an excellent lecturer and it is very pleasant to work with him.Recommendations to anyone who wants to educate themselves and improve their knowledge.
Anđelka TadićAnđelka Tadić
14:47 27 Sep 23
Margareta TeskerMargareta Tesker
11:28 19 Sep 23
Tony is an accomplished educator, patient and very specific. The education itself is brilliantly conceived with a lot of examples from practice , not just examples from scientific papers. Recommended for all lovers of dry needling.
Kristijan RanogajecKristijan Ranogajec
11:55 18 Sep 23
Very pleasant atmosphere, professionally designed education.Congratulations to Tony and his team.
iva suceviciva sucevic
19:06 17 Sep 23
Compliments on top education. All references.
Aldin TiganjAldin Tiganj
15:20 17 Sep 23
Marija HorvatMarija Horvat
14:49 31 Aug 23
I was impressed by the individual training in cupping therapy. Quick appointment agreement, professional, and at the same time relaxed and fun. Tony is an excellent teacher and mentor, so my recommendations to everyone!
Zagreb MuaythaiZagreb Muaythai
22:26 04 Jul 23
Top expert, recommendations.
Lorena CokolLorena Cokol
14:06 01 Jul 23
Excellent education of Dry needling. Toni is expert and dedicated, providing clear explanations and useful examples from practice. All recommendations!
Paula ChotićPaula Chotić
16:56 29 Jun 23
Dry needling course, first of all a very nice experience and a smiling team, for Tony only words of praise, he is a physiotherapist who, in his education, besides students, fellow physiotherapists, kinesitherapists, has doctors of neurology, I think that says enough how much knowledge he has, and he transfers that knowledge very well to others. Although needling is an intensive method, after it we can do it without fear.:)
Marija IvicaMarija Ivica
16:05 26 Jun 23
Quality organized course, concrete and clear information followed by practical exercises. Recommendation!
Excellent Dry needling course: unparalleled Anatomy, good demonstration, excellent mutual training and simulation of real conditions, all materials included, and Toni excellent in every way! Definitely recommended!!!
Dorian Ivan ŠloparDorian Ivan Šlopar
14:14 25 Jun 23
I was in the dry needling lv1 education.Toni is a great mentor, relaxed and communicative, very professional and with a great knowledge of technique.All recommendations for Tonia and education !!
Katarina PavičićKatarina Pavičić
13:50 25 Jun 23
Excellent education from Dry needling 1. All praise for the education. I am really happy with the knowledge I have gained and motivated to further improve. 😁
Šime GulanŠime Gulan
21:02 06 Jun 23
I recently participated in the Cupping training, organized by the Physioverse Academy. Extremely high-quality and comprehensive education held by our colleague Toni Marić. Toni is a very high-quality and educated physiotherapist who selflessly transfers his knowledge and skills to other colleagues, but also knows how to create a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in which it is a pleasure to work. Given the experience gained, I recommend to all young physiotherapists, as well as colleagues from other health professions, to upgrade their knowledge with the education programs offered by the Physioverse Academy.
12:53 06 Jun 23
I'm thrilled with cupping's education. Education lasted one day, which can be difficult (too much information in a short time), but this education was not so. Education is designed to have more practice than theory. Tony taught the theory briefly and clearly. The theory is associated with examples of practice. The practical part is excellent, i.e. He showed by segments and diagnoses. This is not my first physical therapy education, but I can point it out as the best. Tony's an excellent lecturer. I look forward to the next education. It's all good Tony
David KekićDavid Kekić
18:04 05 Jun 23
I recommend Physioverse Academy to everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills. Toni is by far the best lecturer I've had the opportunity to listen to. With a relaxed atmosphere, a wide range of knowledge, and a very elite knowledge of the profession, Toni has a very unique and charismatic approach to each student and an excellent way of transferring knowledge. So that by the end of your education, you can immediately use the technique learned on it. Please continue working such an awesome job.
Matej MihaljevićMatej Mihaljević
23:38 04 Jun 23
I was at Toni's cupping education! Excellent lecturer, answers all questions, devotes himself to everyone and always inspects everyone's work. I recommend it to everyone!
Lukssa TomicLukssa Tomic
21:24 04 Jun 23
For the first time in my life, I attended this type of education and I can only say positive things about Physioverse Academy. Of course, the education would not have been so excellent without our colleague Toni, who is full of experience and knowledge (especially for such a young physiotherapist), which he is very happy to pass on to all his colleagues, and even after the education he remained in contact with everyone and is available for any questions. I look forward to participating again in other education programs that Physioverse Academy offers.
Marko KolarMarko Kolar
10:03 07 May 23
All recommendations, from Marko as a lecturer who has patience without any haste to dedicate himself to each participant. While Tonia, as someone who actively participates in education and with a mountain of examples, gives a lot of advice for any situation you put in front of it.
Doris P (PDoris)Doris P (PDoris)
14: 29 11 Dec 22
Warm recommendations for Physioverse Academy! Toni is a top expert and, above all, with his top knowledge of anatomy and diagnostics, he transfers everything to the students, supported by years of experience in his clinic 🙂. For my first education, I guessed from the first try and learned from the best, but it will definitely not be the last! 😇
Jan ŠumandlJan Šumandl
18:30 26 Nov 22
This is my first experience with Physioverse Academy and I am so excited. A very good approach to the topic in general, a lot of practical work, and dedication to the students of education. Toni is a top expert who explained everything very well and I am very pleased that I was able to learn a new technique that I can start applying immediately. Thank you for everything and I hope there will be more quality education and courses!
Nicole KatalinicNicole Katalinic
09: 56 07 Nov 22
The education was excellent. Toni is a super educator and conveys his knowledge and experience in a professional and understandable way. Recommendation for all physiotherapists.
Ivan ŠafarIvan Šafar
15: 12 01 Nov 22
Dry needling education is great, Toni as a mentor is a super relaxed character, easy to understand, and everything he explains is very practical, and shows and conveys knowledge. The atmosphere was also super relaxed, I recommend colleagues who are interested in education will here have an awesome experience with Physioverse Academy.
Iva MarkacIva Markac
17: 55 31 Oct 22
I definitely recommend the Dry Needling course. Toni completed the education without much theoretical philosophizing and in a simple and effective way transferred his knowledge and experience to participants.
Petra Hajnić GnjidićPetra Hajnić Gnjidić
17: 02 31 Oct 22
Tony is an expert educator and explains everything in a very understandable way. Every recommendation for those who are considering a Physioverse Academy education!
Lucija GnjidicLucija Gnjidic
18: 13 30 Oct 22
I am very much looking forward to the academy and the new training and courses that will be held there. I am sure that something new and different is waiting for us, as always! The lecturers are first-class, and their approach and way of explaining are perfect because they teach a very demanding topic in a very simple and understandable way!

Why educate yourself with us?

Physioverse Academy

  • Treatment of targeted diagnoses
  • Constant contact with the lecturer
  • Detailed script
  • Free needles to start working
  • Simple explanations
  • A combination of different techniques

Other organizations

  • Learning techniques without diagnostics
  • Lecturer unavailability
  • Small or non-existent script
  • Purchasing the equipment immediately
  • Complicated lecturing
  • Not combining any techniques

Why attend Dry needling education?

Solve the problem faster

We teach you how to treat targeted diagnoses in order to help your patients faster and more effectively who will recommend you to other potential patients.

Become a Dry needling master therapist

After finishing 3rd level of Dry needling education we will enroll you in the database of Dry needling master therapists where patients will be able to find you.

Free equipment to get started

As part of the Dry needling Level 1 education, you will receive 300 free needles to start working in your clinic.

Gallery of Dry needling education

Price list

Dry needling Level 1

KM 700
  • Detailed scripts
  • 300 FREE needles
  • Internationally recognised certificate

Dry needling Level 2

KM 700
  • Detailed scripts
  • Perfect knowledge upgrade
  • Internationally recognised certificate

Sign up for Dry needling training

The course accepts only physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, medical doctors and medical students.

Education is scored by the Chamber of graduated health engineers of all profiles of FBiH with 8 points for the students of the education!

Registration fee of 200 KM must be paid in order to secure a seat at the course.

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