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what does the dry needling course looks like?

Registration for the course

In order to apply for the Dry needling course, it is necessary to meet certain conditions and have a certain level of Education. 

Due to the extreme complexity and potential danger of the Dry needling technique, it is necessary to have a university education in the medical profession. 

On the course we accept physiotherapists, students of higher years of physiotherapy, medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors and kinesiotherapists with visible experience in therapy and rehabilitation. 

In order to book a place at the course, it is necessary to send detailed information about your education and the exact course you are applying for and pay the registration fee which is 50% of the total amount of the course. 

Sign up for the course by e-mail or by the form on our website.

Physioverse Academy
Dry needling Level 1

1. day of the course

The course usually starts on Saturdays at 10:00 and the students have previously repeated the anatomy of the locomotor system with an emphasis on the musculature that is done at the intended level of the course. 

Upon arrival to the course, you will receive detailed scripts with the entire theoretical and practical part of the course and T-shirts from Physioverse Academy that we gift you. 

Following is an introduction to the lecturer through which we will find out the level of education of colleagues and explain to you what you can expect from the Dry needling course and the technique itself. 


Using PowerPoint presentation we will teach you the basic theory without which it is impossible to safely perform the Dry needling technique. You will learn how the Dry needling technique came about, what are the indications and contraindications for the same, what is the difference between Dry needling and acupuncture and when you should not perform it on the patient. 


Once we have passed all the essential theoretical parts, we start with the practice. 

The first thing you will learn is the safe application of the needle into the patient's skin. At first, this task will seem extremely complicated, but we guarantee you that on the second day of the course you will apply needles as if you have been doing it for years. 

By the end of the first day of the course, we will process a large amount of muscles and diagnoses that are treated in the area of the cervical and thoracic spine. 

We will primarily work on cervicobrachial syndrome, pain and reduced mobility in the cervical spine, pain in the area of the shoulder blades and chest pain, and numerous other diagnoses.

2. day of the course

The second day of the course is usually Sunday and you arrive again at 10:00. On the second day of the course we have no more theory and we immediately move on to practice. 

You will notice already at the beginning of the second day of the course that you are significantly more confident in performing the technique and applying the needles. 


After commenting on the impressions from the first day of the course, we continue with the practical part of the course. 

We are based on the lumbar spine and gluteal area or symptomatology such as lumboishialgia, piriformis syndrome, lumbago and similar diagnoses. We go through all the above conditions in detail so that they can be treated in your office immediately the next day after education. 

We complete the practical part with the peripheral muscles of the trunk and explain in detail the diagnoses in which these muscles are treated and how the technique is used on them. 

At this point, you will already gather a lot of information in your head and we are going to repeat everything we went through in 2 days of the course. 

Dry needling Level 1
Dry needling Level 1 Zagreb-students

Practical exam and certificate division

After we have determined that all participants have mastered the Dry needling technique at the highest possible level, we answer additional questions of the participants and move on to the practical exam. 

Practical exam:

The practical exam is performed in a way that you perform an examination on your colleague completely independently, and after the examination, you apply the Dry needling technique on all the muscles that we worked on at the first level of Dry needling education. 

The lecturer will be around all the time to keep your colleagues safe, but you will have to perform the technique independently in order to pass the exam. 

At this point you will be more than professional and independent with the performance of the Dry needling technique and we believe that if you payed attention on everything that we have talked on the course, you will pass the exam without any problems. 

Certificate distribution:

After passing the practical exam we will give you needles for the first few weeks of work and you will earn certificate in English language for successfully completing the first stage of Dry needling education. 

Also, as a rule, we immediately agree on the second level of education in order for you to master the Dry needling of the upper and lower extremities in the future. 

Sign up for the course by e-mail or by the form on our website.

Picture of Bsc. PT. Toni Marić

Bsc. PT. Toni Marić

Toni is bacc. physical therapist and the owner of the Ad Sacrum clinic who has been treating top athletes for years and also teaches at the Dry needling courses for physiotherapists.

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