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Post-shoulder rehabilitation condition

Shoulder problems are very common and extremely limiting

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Frozen shoulder

What is a frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a condition that affects the shoulder joint and manifests itself as shoulder pain and stiffness within the joint that can last as long as 1 to 3 years! In the syndrome of frozen shoulder, there is a thickening and swelling of the joint capsule, which causes considerable pain and greatly reduces the range of movement in the joint itself. Since the shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the human body, the thickening of its capsule will also cause a serious deficit in the functioning of the entire arm. The lack of hand function will cause a major problem in the daily functioning of the patient at work and other daily duties and activities. 

There are 3 stages of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome: 

  1. Freeze phase - the stage in which severe pain in the shoulder develops during movement, which worsens over time and is stronger at night, the first stage can last 6 to 9 months
  2. Frozen shoulder stage - pain decreases, but the movement in the shoulder becomes less and less, there is an inability to perform daily activities, this stage can last 4 to 12 months
  3. Thaw phase - movement in the shoulder returns to normal range and pain is significantly reduced, the last stage can last 6 months to a year
Frozen shoulder
Magnetic resonance imaging of the frozen shoulder

Symptoms and diagnosis of frozen shoulder


  • shoulder pain that increases when moving
  • shoulder pain that increases during sleep
  • reduced mobility of the shoulder joint
  • inability to perform daily activities due to pain and limited mobility  



  • medical history - to determine if there is an older injury or deficit in the shoulder joint area
  • clinical examination - a medical doctor or physiotherapist will perform a detailed examination of the shoulder joint to determine the level of pain and whether there is a deficit in shoulder movement 
  • X-ray – is done to determine if there are other problems in the shoulder joint such as arthritis or bone fracture
  • MRI or ultrasound - show a detailed examination of soft tissues to determine whether there is a rupture in the rotator cuff muscles 

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Goals of physical therapy in frozen shoulder:

  • reduce / eliminate shoulder pain 
  • increase the quality of sleep with a decrease in nighttime shoulder pain
  • increase the range of movement in the shoulder joint
  • restore normal shoulder function 
  • return to everyday activities without pain and with normal shoulder joint movement
Types of therapy and their action: 
  • dry needling - serves to relax the musculature of the shoulder girdle with which we consequently increase the range of movement and reduce pain in the shoulder, it also stimulates the regeneration process in the shoulder joint
  • medical flossing - special rubber bands make compression on the shoulder joint with which we restore the range of movement and reduce pain in the shoulder 
  • cupping - with the achedaway cupping device we soothe inflammation, stimulate local circulation and reduce pain in the shoulder joint
  • myofascial release - by releasing the fascia we achieve greater mobility and free movement of the shoulder joint
  • kinesiotaping - serves as an auxiliary technique to maintain and enhance the effects of dry needling, medical flossing, cupping, myofascial relaxation and therapeutic exercises 
  • mobility exercises - increase mobility or mobility of the shoulder joint and restore normal joint function
  • strength exercises - develop muscle strength of the shoulder girdle and prevent the recurrence of frozen shoulder 
Frozen shoulder dry needling

Frequently asked questions about frozen shoulder

As you can see at the beginning of the page where we explain what exactly a frozen shoulder is, the shoulder problem with this diagnosis can last up to 3 years! 

If you do not want to “drag” this problem for so long, we would advise you to visit a physiotherapist as soon as possible. 

Every patient and every problem is completely individual. When one patient may need 2 therapies to resolve the problem, another may need 5 therapies for the same diagnosis.

In order to know more about your problem and prognosis, we need to examine you and perform the first treatment.

At the end of the therapy, we give you detailed instructions on what exercises you need to do and how to perform them to prevent the return of Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. 

If you exercise regularly and keep your shoulder joint in optimal mobility and the shoulder girdle muscles in optimal strength, the problem should not return. 

Why our therapy?

Progress after the first treatment.

We work on quick and long-term solutions for the problem and after the first treatment you will feel improvement and relief of the symptoms.

Friendly clinic

In our clinic, we maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere so that you do not have additional stress.

There's no maintenance

We provide effective and long-term solutions for your problem in order for you to save money and time!

Rehabilitation Plan and program

Targeted rehabilitation plan

1. step: Book an appointment

By e-mail, message or call we will book you the first appointment in which we will find out and explain the exact problem.

2. step: Rehabilitation plan and program

In cooperation with you, we create an individual, fast and effective rehabilitation plan and program that will surely lead you to optimal condition.

3. step: Return to normal life

Finally you will be pain free again and move with ease.

Reviews of our patients

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hrvoje slavkovhrvoje slavkov
17:06 25 Sep 23
Pozz svima koji čitaju i ekipi Ad sacrum, točnije Toniju...ukočena cijela lijeva strana leđa i vrat..visok tlak , 3 god tableta svakodneno, ..itd itd..3 tretmana kod mladog gospodina i nevjerojatno, čudesno, 5 dan tlak mi se stabilizirao 120/80, ne uzimam tablete.buđenje ujutro je top, bistrina, ..jednom riječju odlično...još 1 put hvala Toni i preporuka svakome
Lucia MartinezLucia Martinez
15:15 21 Sep 23
Nakon puno neuspješnih fizikalnih terapija s dijagnozom smrznuto rame i tendinitis došla sam do Tonija koji mi je u samo 5 tretmana suhom iglom uspješno otklonio tegobe.Sada imam puno bolji opseg pokreta i upala je potpuno nestala.Opet, veliko hvala za sve.
Ivan VrbanIvan Vrban
05:50 20 Sep 23
U tri tretmana uspješno su otklonjeni dugogodišnji problemi s trncima u rukama i ramenima. Izuzetno sam zadovoljna rezultatima tretmana. (Nema veze) palac gore!
Peter NevisticPeter Nevistic
17:56 25 Aug 23
Toni is very professional and professional in his work, after only two treatments he removed chronic pain in my back and shoulder!! A warm recommendation 👍
Seki EmperorSeki Emperor
21:55 30 Jun 23
Toni Marić and dry needling are all you need for severe pain in the thoracic part of the spine. From extremely severe pain when getting out of bed to painless condition in only two treatments. All praise and recommendation!
Mateja BaršićMateja Baršić
06:03 28 Jun 23
There are few words to describe my experience with Tony and Ad sacrum.After a few months of severe pain caused by" false thinking " pain in the gluteus, pain in the groin, pain in the spine that went forward where I had trouble standing, walking and sleeping. The man was already on the first term without much philosophy to go to work. After a few visits, the pain disappeared.
Nikola SmrčekNikola Smrček
14:46 08 Jun 23
There are few words to describe my experience with Tony and Ad Sacrum.After several months of severe pain caused by sciatica through the right leg, where I had problems getting up, sleeping and sitting to minimal pain, increased mobility and education itself what to do or not to do as I did not put myself in a similar situation. Great experiences "straight to the point" Education and application of Toni Marić's therapy.Recommendations to anyone who has orthopedic problems!
Ivo DujmovIvo Dujmov
18:51 05 Jun 23
I thank Tony for his great music, professionalism and treatment 👍 😎 I am a squash player,coach and coach!It is a one-sided sport where the back,neck, etc... I had problems with the left side of my neck,back to the lumbar region... massage and chiropractic for 10 years helped,but in the short term and never until the end!!! For the first time in 10 years I feel that my back is great,that I am light,without pain and limited movement during rotations in the game and that nothing hurts after a tournament,and I was only on 4 therapies 💪 💪 💪
Valentina 5393Valentina 5393
15:22 28 May 23
After years of pain in the lower back, I run into Tony and decide to go for treatment. After 2 sessions I feel like new, the tension and pain are completely gone. What impressed me the most was that he was a completely relaxed character, without much philosophy he explained everything “Lay” and did the most important thing.I would recommend to everyone
Mario RodinMario Rodin
17:15 26 May 23
I came to Tony's for severe pain in the lower leg and it turned out that I had chronic soleus inflammation. My muscle was very cramped from running too much and it was giving me severe pain throughout my leg. Tony gave me 4 dry needling treatments and solved my leg. It feels great and I can finally gradually return to training. The man knows what he's doing.
17:46 17 May 23
My first encounter with needle therapy was extremely enjoyable. In a calm and relaxing environment, a professional and experienced therapist explained to me the principle of action and uses these techniques.The therapist carefully examined my health condition, listened to my concerns and desires, and adjusted the treatment to give me the best possible experience. This individualized care was incredibly effective and osnažujuća.Na finally, my problem was solved very quickly and I am extremely satisfied with his service:) my recommendation!
Jadranka AvdićJadranka Avdić
09:18 29 Mar 23 word that says it all. In 4 treatments, the pain and other symptoms that had accumulated over the years were removed. Toni really knows what he's doing. I can hardly find words of praise for this young man who, firstly, is very professional, and secondly, very kind and eloquent, so that he makes the treatment, which is a little uncomfortable, more pleasant, and shorter. In any case, for every recommendation!!! When it hurts again, I will go to Toni :).
Anja GrgicAnja Grgic
11:50 13 Dec 22
I booked the first appointment based on a recommendation due to long-term problems with the lumbar region, cervical spine, migraines, tingling in the feet and sciatica in both legs. With the first treatment, we solved the inflammation and pain in the upper back and trapezius, for which I ended up in the emergency room before arriving. With the second treatment I no longer feel sciatica or tingling in my feet. My body is recovering phenomenally every day. I booked a third appointment, so long-term constant problems (12 years!!!) Toni solved in just 3 treatments. I am delighted with the approach and professionalism of physiotherapist Toni. It is not enough to say that I am grateful and sincerely recommend it from the bottom of my heart.
11:30 08 Dec 22
Extremely professional approach, excellent treatment with a noticeable difference after each treatment. Also very relaxed atmosphere, the best of two worlds can be said, I absolutely recommend to everyone!
Bojan MihalicekBojan Mihalicek
21:30 17 Nov 22
I came with a problem of the cervical and lumbar spine (which lasts 15 years), tingling in the legs (as a consequence of sciatica), and injury of the ankle and Achilles tendon of the leg from a year ago. He solved all my problems with dry needling and chiropractic techniques. Tony is extremely accessible and explains everything he does in detail. Expertise, customer relationship, and communication are at a very high level. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has not been helped by conventional techniques.
Bernard ButoracBernard Butorac
21:10 17 Nov 22
I came to Tony through the recommendation of a handball player friend and I did not regret it. In several treatments, he solved the problem of a painful cervical spine and jaw that was painful to the movement and bite. The mobility of the jaw is very important to me because I'm in the singing business. The boyfriend also came with a problem with the cervical and lumbar spine, tingling in the legs, and injury to the wrist and tendon of the leg. He solved our problems with dry needling and chiropractic techniques. Toni is very approachable and everything he does he explains in detail, and also without hesitation you can ask him anything you want to know, so we let him in without fear. Business, expertise, customer relationship, and communication 5+.
Vesna KlanacVesna Klanac
17:44 28 Oct 22
After two dry needling treatments, my shoulder and neck loosened up, and the tension eased enough that after two months I finally have no headaches and no more dizziness. After the third dry needling treatment, the remaining pain on the right side, like muscle tension, has almost disappeared. I'm looking forward to the last treatment. Although it is known as a painful treatment, it was very tolerable for me, and it even seemed very relaxing. I am very glad that I found Toni on IG.
Sonja BrajkinaSonja Brajkina
04:31 12 Oct 22
Physio Toni is a very pleasant, educated and humble young person, who knows his job without much mystification and philosophy "hits the head" and immediately goes to solve the problem as quickly as possible and more than successfully. In communication, he is also pleasant and measured, adapts to the patient and has wide knowledge and can talk to him about various topics, which makes the treatment even easier and leads to the feeling that the treatment lasts much shorter than it really does.So successful in my case that after 9 months of almost vegetating due to enormous pain, after the first treatment, I started walking at least 5 km a day, and after the second I started again working out! I can only recommend this young expert in his field and say a big thank you to him.
10:11 26 Sep 22
If I could give 100 stars, it would be small. It's actually hard for me to put together impressions and sentences and to fully express how grateful I am. What a relief after years of shoulder discomfort and inability to rotate, when you finally manage to rotate your shoulder all the way. No pain! Tony's expertise, knowledge, and love for his job are evident in his every sentence. The problem is approached directly, without BS, immediately tells what and how to expect. I had high expectations that he exceeded. Tony, thank you!
16:37 24 Jul 22
The man, without any philosophy, quickly and efficiently solved the problem of the lower spine, which had followed me for more than five years and which I thought would remain chronic. I recommend everyone to go and let Tony examine him and decide which solution is best. Tony, thank you again!
Janja MuzinaJanja Muzina
07:42 14 May 22
I'm gonna use the kids 'dictionary and say," I don't like dry needling!". With the recommendation of a friend who I talked to about the pain I was living with due to a messy life and long hours of computer work, I came to Tony for treatment. During the treatment, Tony eased my pain by talking and explaining. I went back for another treatment. Today I live without pain and I recommend Tony to everyone for his professionalism, expertise and human approach with respect to the client.

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