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Recovery of jumping knee

Knee problems can limit you in everyday life!

If these questions are familiar to you it means that you need help. 

You need to get rid of knee problems as soon as possible!

Have healthy and painless knees again!

We understand that you have tried almost all solutions and think that there is no solution for you. 

Knee problems were solved for a large numer of our professional athletes and the ALL of them returned to condition before pain and restrictions!

We can do the same for you!

MMM fighter Ilija Brkan

Jumpers knee

How do you get jumpers knee syndrome?

Jumping knee or patellar tendinosis is a strain syndrome that causes pain and sensitivity in the area of the tendon of the quadriceps muscle. The tendon of the quadriceps passes over the knee itself and the pain usually manifests itself in the knee. 

As well as in the syndrome of the tennis elbow , the cause of jumpers knee is repetitive trauma to the tendon itself due to frequent and excessive load on the quadriceps and knee joint. 

At the higher risk of this syndrome are athletes whose sports include frequent jumps such as basketball, handball, volleyball, gymnastics, and athletics. Overtraining and training on hard surfaces proved to be additional risk factors for jumpers knee syndrome. 

The knee of a runner
Jumpers knee

Symptoms and diagnosis of jumpers knee


  • pain in the knee when moving
  • pain in the front of the knee 
  • pain in the interior of the knee joint
  • swelling in the knee 
  • stiffness of the knee joint 
  • pain and tension of the quadriceps 
  • weakness of the muscles of the affected leg
  • severe pain when performing sports activities and training



  • medical history - to determine whether there is an old injury or deficit in the knee joint area
  • clinical examination - a doctor or physiotherapist performs a knee examination to determine exactly where the source of the pain is and what the cause is 
  • MRI - with magnetic resonance imaging we recognize tendon abnormalities and determine the cause of knee pain 

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Goals of physical therapy for jumping knee:

  • reduce / eliminate pain in the knee area
  • reduce / eliminate swelling in the knee 
  • increase mobility of the knee joint 
  • relieve pain and tension in the quadriceps
  • establish optimal muscle strength of the affected leg
  • return the patient / athlete to daily sports activity
Types of therapy and their action: 
  • dry needling - with dry needling we release the quadriceps muscles, increase the range of movement in the knee joint and stimulate the regeneration of the quadriceps tendon 
  • medical flossing - special rubber bands make compression on the knee joint with which we reduce swelling in the knee joint, soothe pain and increase the range of movement
  • kinesiotaping - serves as an assistive technique to maintain and improve the effects of dry needling, medical flossing and targeted therapeutic exercises
  • mobility exercises - used to restore the range of motion in the knee joint and restore function 
  • strength exercises - after returning the normal range of motion to the joint and calming the knee pain, it is necessary to work on exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscle in order to increase the resistance of its tendon to external load 
Jump knee Kinesiotaping

Frequently asked questions about knee pain

The return to sports activities is individual from patient to patient, i.e. from the severity of symptoms and deficits you have in the knee joint. 

As a rule, the athlete / recreationist returns to sports activities after lowering the pain to a minimum level, restoring the normal range of movement and establishing optimal muscle strength. 

Since jumpers knee syndrome is an overstrain syndrome, there is a chance that if you sit still for a long time and do not load the knee, the symptoms will calm down or even disappear.

The problem with this approach is that in the period of inactivity the muscles will go into atrophy and the function of the knee will be lost, which creates an additional serious problem. 

By far the best approach that has been shown in practice is to speed up the regeneration process with quality physical therapy and rehabilitation. 

The best prevention of jumpers knee syndrome is to regularly work on the strength of all leg muscles with an emphasis on the quadriceps muscles and maintain optimal flexibility in the knee and ankle joints. 

Why our therapy?

Progress after the first treatment.

We work on quick and long-term solutions for the problem and after the first treatment you will feel improvement and relief of the symptoms.

Friendly clinic

In our clinic, we maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere so that you do not have additional stress.

There's no maintenance

We provide effective and long-term solutions for your problem in order for you to save money and time!

Rehabilitation Plan and program

Targeted rehabilitation plan

1. step: Book an appointment

By e-mail, message or call we will book you the first appointment in which we will find out and explain the exact problem.

2. step: Rehabilitation plan and program

In cooperation with you, we create an individual, fast and effective rehabilitation plan and program that will surely lead you to optimal condition.

3. step: Return to normal life

Finally you will be pain free again and move with ease.

Reviews of our patients

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Renato SmolčićRenato Smolčić
17:34 22 Jun 24
Gospodin Toni Maric je fantastican i preporucio bih ga svakome. Imao sam problema s vratom vec 5 godina od sjedenja, raznih ozljeda tijekom vjezbanja utezima i borilackih sportova.U samo dva tretmana je Toni uspio rijesiti moj problem i sve bolove. Poslije prvog tretmana mi je vrat vec bio 80% bolje i skoro sva napetost je nestala. Takoder mi je nakon tretmana uputio savjete kako da odrzavam zdravlje svoga vrata.Toni je profesionalan, karizmatican i educiran. Ima individualan pristup i dopusta svojim klijentima da u potpunosti objasne svoj problem te ga efikasno dijagnosticira i rijesava.Hvala.
Ana ZovkoAna Zovko
10:20 06 Jun 24
Pozdrav, ja sam oduševljena s tretmanom. Obzirom da su mi doktori rekli da u mojem slučaju nema pomoći, jedino operacija kukova da me može riješiti boli, ja sam neizmjerno zahvalna Toniju koji me u 3 tretmana riješio bolova u leđima i kukovima. Trener sam tenisa i rad mi je bio jako ograničen obzirom na moju dijagnozu displazije kukova. Veliko hvala Toniju na izuzetnoj stručnosti, pozitivi i profesionalnosti. Za svaku preporuku!💪🏻🙏🏻
Zoran KaramatićZoran Karamatić
13:37 24 May 24
Hvala puno Toniju i njegovoj ekipi na stručnosti, brzom otkrivanju problema i rješavanju simptoma.
Ozland LunarOzland Lunar
12:45 19 Apr 24
Pravo osvježenje !Genijalac !Od njega se može čuti i puno toga a što ga seuopće ne pitaNe narućuje na beskonačne tretmane kao većina drugih a samo zato da bi uzeli što višelove
10:31 08 Apr 24
Expressive tachycardia, loss of vision, dizziness, numbness of the right side of the head and tingling in the fingers, pressure in the head, and bloodshot eyes. The doctors only prescribed me drugs. After 6 treatments with Toni, all symptoms disappeared. Thank you, Toni. No more drugs
Ana SučićAna Sučić
18:41 07 Mar 24
Positive, efficient, and professional approach.Every recommendation for young Mr. Tony.Thank You! ❤️
Ivan ĆukušićIvan Ćukušić
19:56 06 Mar 24
The treatment is fast and efficient, nothing but praise. Without hesitation and immediate solution to the problem, I felt the effect already after the end of the treatment, and at most the next day.
Viktor IvosViktor Ivos
08:17 26 Feb 24
Definitely my recommendation! 🙂 I came to Toni with two crutches and after just one treatment I left on my feet. It was about sciatica, which according to Toni's assessment from 1-10 was 15. Once again my recommendations!
Sarah habusSarah habus
17:09 22 Feb 24
All praise for professionalism and knowledge. I came to Toni because of pain in my neck, back and arm, and tingling in my arm. He diagnosed me with cervicobrachial syndrome, with dry needling treatments, the pain disappeared and the tingling in my arm disappeared. After a couple of treatments, I can finally return to normal functioning in everyday life. Thanks again and all recommendations. 🤗
Dominik JakićDominik Jakić
20:44 09 Feb 24
Toni is above all a professional, pleasant person who knows what she is doing! The goal is to help the patient as quickly as possible, without detours and unnecessary delays. Made 2 appointments in 3 days and the man helped me instantly. All the best and keep going!
Jasmina MatijevicJasmina Matijevic
18:45 09 Feb 24
Great, great! Mr. Toni solved the long-standing problem of arm and neck pain. After the third treatment, I feel fantastic. Thank you from ❤️❤️❤️
Maja MiočMaja Mioč
16:58 09 Feb 24
Kudos to Toni for his knowledge and expertise. He locates the problem and solves it with his approach. In just the 5th visit, the condition of piriformis syndrome, lumbar spine, jaw muscles, cervical spine and abductor muscle, which caused me discomfort for years, was successfully resolved. Literally, the entire left side of the body is finally functional. Until I came to Toni, I tried through xy approaches until I found a solution, only with Toni did I get exactly what I needed. Toni, thank you to Heaven🙏 All recommendations ✨
07:33 08 Feb 24
2 years of rotating in circles, 2 years of all branches of medicine, a regular guest at the emergency room, where the younger female doctor each tells her own version of the story, a bunch of findings, examinations, and still nagging the doctor, yesterday she came to the surgery 1x, first a smile, a thorough introduction and a detailed examination and palpating the guy is a phenomenon, he even shortened his time for the gablec and fully dedicated himself to solving the problem, he said openly and directly in his head what he was able to solve, he instilled enormous confidence and 1/1 left the impression that I was not a piece of paper but a person , all praise and every recommendation
Božena HorvatekBožena Horvatek
11:25 04 Feb 24
I came to Toni because of back pain. I gave birth 5 months ago, I'm breastfeeding, I don't sleep and my legs are in a very bad condition. After just one treatment I was 80 percent better, after the third I had no more pain. Toni explained everything to me, sent me exercises for the future. For every recommendation.
Daniel MusaDaniel Musa
15:32 23 Jan 24
In just two terms Tony solved the left shoulder problem that I had been dragging for a month and a half. What I liked most was that Toni was communicative and nicely explained the whole procedure from beginning to end and what to expect after the treatment. He warned that dry needling would hurt me very much-I didn't feel anything, just a slight sting. He also warned that my shoulder might hurt very badly the next day-again nothing. I am aware that it is individual for each person, I am just saying what I have experienced. I will confidently report any future problems to Tony.
Igor DeteljIgor Detelj
13:06 23 Jan 24
From my heart I recommend Ad Sacrum to deal with pain in the lumbar part of the spine. Only 3 treatments were required for the path from being unable to sit and tie shoes to almost complete recovery. Physiotherapist Toni is a top professional in his work, approaches the patient holistically, with excellent communication detects the problem and finds the fastest way to solve it. I especially like the specific tips for resuming normal life after rehabilitation in order to make the problem as rare as possible. Thank you very much Toni, thank you very much Ad Sacrum!!
Jan YakovlevJan Yakovlev
11:23 15 Jan 24
Absolutely all recommendations. The problem of the left shoulder that I had been running for almost ten years was solved in three terms of arrival. 10/10 for Tony.
Sebastian ĆukSebastian Ćuk
21:26 13 Dec 23
Great service and a great atmosphere. 🙂
martina vallamartina valla
12:53 06 Dec 23
In just a few treatments, long-term pain in the neck and back in the area of the shoulder blades have been successfully eliminated. All praise to physiotherapist Tony and manager Dino for their expertise and professionalism and a warm recommendation for dry needling technique!
Dorian PureticDorian Puretic
17:31 01 Dec 23
Problem solved in a few treatments all praise 💪
Zvonimir ZebicZvonimir Zebic
07:27 29 Nov 23
The problem was lower back pain. The pain disappeared after 3 treatments. Toni did it quickly and professionally. I like that there were no classic covers for as many treatments as possible. Highly recommended.
Domagoj KunićDomagoj Kunić
17:49 23 Nov 23
After 15 years of pain in the lower back, shoulder and shoulder blade, the pain disappeared after several dry needling treatments. It's amazing how much pain a person learns to live with: now it's up to me to keep the pain from coming back. Thanks, Tony!
Ivan BrelićIvan Brelić
20:00 21 Nov 23
3 years of neck pain, stiffness, limited movement Toni managed to solve in only 3 treatments, extremely professional physiotherapist, excellent diagnostics of problems and very fast solution of them.All praise.
Kaja HrabarKaja Hrabar
18:00 20 Nov 23
Tony is an outstanding physiotherapist whose expertise and dedication deserves recognition. In just a few visits he successfully solved the problems with the shoulder and sciatica that had been teasing me for a long time. His approach is incredibly effective - as he quickly and accurately diagnosed problems and provided targeted treatment that resulted in remarkable improvements. I highly recommend its services to anyone seeking professional help and long-term solutions to their health challenges.
Sasa CvetkovicSasa Cvetkovic
12:57 17 Nov 23
Tennis elbow, terrible pain in the arm...I found it on the Web page of Ad sacrum and ordered it.Problem solved in four treatments, exactly as young Mr. Tony said on the first term. Extremely pleasant atmosphere and most importantly, the problem with tennis elbow solved in two weeks and four terms. Absolute and total Recommendation, Tony thank you again...
Mario PazicMario Pazic
16:40 15 Nov 23
All praise and thanks Ad sacrum for the fantastic work done. My hand was torn all the way to my hand, which is a serious problem, and in only one treatment we solved 90% of the disease, and already after the second treatment I was reset to a new healthy condition. I recommend to all those who are in similar problems not to spend time and money but to solve their problem immediately with the master of their craft Toni Marica.
Josipa PerićJosipa Perić
15:34 03 Nov 23
All praise and warm recommendation! In just two treatments, sciatica was cured.
Goran ĆurčićGoran Ćurčić
07:19 02 Nov 23
Every recommendation, physiotherapist Tony just knows the job. 👍🏻
Daniela GrbavacDaniela Grbavac
16:13 23 Oct 23
Excellent treatment and approach! All praise and recommendations for Toni, the guy knows what he's doing!
Zlatko PeharZlatko Pehar
19:18 21 Oct 23
I say responsibly that Tony is the best expert in this part of Europe. He solved a problem that I've been dragging for about 10 years, gave me advice not to get the problem back, and finally I don't have sciatica.Thanks, Tony!
Mirela PaštarMirela Paštar
17:04 20 Oct 23
All praise to physiotherapist Tony and manager Dino! Very well organized and professional. And most importantly, Tony quickly determined the cause of my daughter's pain and successfully eliminated it with the dry needling technique. Toni is a very professional physiotherapist who explains in a very simple way where the problem arose and how it will be solved. All recommendations!
Antonela AlihodzicAntonela Alihodzic
11:25 17 Oct 23
Very pleasant physio, professional. Solved my sciatica problems in 5 appointments. All recommendations!
ana borovacana borovac
13:43 13 Oct 23
I came to Tony on recommendation after an unbearable pain in the groin, knee and back. In three visits, he solved a torment that has been going on for months! Direct and professional approach, excellent diagnostics and most importantly, fast results! I am absolutely thrilled with the speed of recovery after the treatment, patched me up in no time!
Ivana ĐurinecIvana Đurinec
09:26 06 Oct 23
Beyond all expectations! Dry needling is a miracle! There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Tony for ridding me of the unbearable and long-lasting headaches, which did not stop even with the help of pills. I came on the recommendation of a friend,honestly with little hope that it would really help me... Already after the first treatment I was without headaches,today I did the third and I am even sorry that now I do not have to come 😂 I feel perfect and happy. The big plus is that Toni,with her expertise, is extremely communicative and super person, so it wasn't even boring. I barely felt the needles, he is really a maher in his work,it can be seen that he knows the knowledge and does it with love!Highly recommended to everyone, you won't regret it!
hrvoje slavkovhrvoje slavkov
17:06 25 Sep 23
To all who read the Ad sacrum, specifically Tony...stiff all left back and neck..High Pressure, 3 year tablet daily,..etc etc..3 treatments in a young gentleman and amazing, amazing, 5 days my blood pressure stabilized 120/80, I don't take pills.waking up in the morning is top, clarity, a word, excellent...1 more thanks Tony and a recommendation to everyone
Lucia MartinezLucia Martinez
15:15 21 Sep 23
After a lot of unsuccessful physical therapy with the diagnosis of frozen shoulder and tendinitis, I came to Tony who in only 5 treatments with a dry needle successfully removed the problems.Now I have a much better range of motion and the inflammation is completely gone.Again, thank you very much for everything.
Ivan VrbanIvan Vrban
05:50 20 Sep 23
In three treatments, long-term problems with tingling in the hands and shoulders were successfully eliminated. I am very pleased with the results of the treatment. (Never mind) thumbs up!
Peter NevisticPeter Nevistic
17:56 25 Aug 23
Toni is very professional and professional in his work, after only two treatments he removed chronic pain in my back and shoulder!! A warm recommendation 👍
Seki EmperorSeki Emperor
21:55 30 Jun 23
Toni Marić and dry needling are all you need for severe pain in the thoracic part of the spine. From extremely severe pain when getting out of bed to painless condition in only two treatments. All praise and recommendation!
Mateja BaršićMateja Baršić
06:03 28 Jun 23
There are few words to describe my experience with Tony and Ad sacrum.After a few months of severe pain caused by" false thinking " pain in the gluteus, pain in the groin, pain in the spine that went forward where I had trouble standing, walking and sleeping. The man was already on the first term without much philosophy to go to work. After a few visits, the pain disappeared.
Nikola SmrčekNikola Smrček
14:46 08 Jun 23
There are few words to describe my experience with Tony and Ad Sacrum.After several months of severe pain caused by sciatica through the right leg, where I had problems getting up, sleeping and sitting to minimal pain, increased mobility and education itself what to do or not to do as I did not put myself in a similar situation. Great experiences "straight to the point" Education and application of Toni Marić's therapy.Recommendations to anyone who has orthopedic problems!
Ivo DujmovIvo Dujmov
18:51 05 Jun 23
I thank Tony for his great music, professionalism and treatment 👍 😎 I am a squash player,coach and coach!It is a one-sided sport where the back,neck, etc... I had problems with the left side of my neck,back to the lumbar region... massage and chiropractic for 10 years helped,but in the short term and never until the end!!! For the first time in 10 years I feel that my back is great,that I am light,without pain and limited movement during rotations in the game and that nothing hurts after a tournament,and I was only on 4 therapies 💪 💪 💪
Valentina 5393Valentina 5393
15:22 28 May 23
After years of pain in the lower back, I run into Tony and decide to go for treatment. After 2 sessions I feel like new, the tension and pain are completely gone. What impressed me the most was that he was a completely relaxed character, without much philosophy he explained everything “Lay” and did the most important thing.I would recommend to everyone
Mario RodinMario Rodin
17:15 26 May 23
I came to Tony's for severe pain in the lower leg and it turned out that I had chronic soleus inflammation. My muscle was very cramped from running too much and it was giving me severe pain throughout my leg. Tony gave me 4 dry needling treatments and solved my leg. It feels great and I can finally gradually return to training. The man knows what he's doing.
17:46 17 May 23
My first encounter with needle therapy was extremely enjoyable. In a calm and relaxing environment, a professional and experienced therapist explained to me the principle of action and uses these techniques.The therapist carefully examined my health condition, listened to my concerns and desires, and adjusted the treatment to give me the best possible experience. This individualized care was incredibly effective and osnažujuća.Na finally, my problem was solved very quickly and I am extremely satisfied with his service:) my recommendation!
Jadranka AvdićJadranka Avdić
09:18 29 Mar 23 word that says it all. In 4 treatments, the pain and other symptoms that had accumulated over the years were removed. Toni really knows what he's doing. I can hardly find words of praise for this young man who, firstly, is very professional, and secondly, very kind and eloquent, so that he makes the treatment, which is a little uncomfortable, more pleasant, and shorter. In any case, for every recommendation!!! When it hurts again, I will go to Toni :).
Anja GrgicAnja Grgic
11:50 13 Dec 22
I booked the first appointment based on a recommendation due to long-term problems with the lumbar region, cervical spine, migraines, tingling in the feet and sciatica in both legs. With the first treatment, we solved the inflammation and pain in the upper back and trapezius, for which I ended up in the emergency room before arriving. With the second treatment I no longer feel sciatica or tingling in my feet. My body is recovering phenomenally every day. I booked a third appointment, so long-term constant problems (12 years!!!) Toni solved in just 3 treatments. I am delighted with the approach and professionalism of physiotherapist Toni. It is not enough to say that I am grateful and sincerely recommend it from the bottom of my heart.
11:30 08 Dec 22
Extremely professional approach, excellent treatment with a noticeable difference after each treatment. Also very relaxed atmosphere, the best of two worlds can be said, I absolutely recommend to everyone!
Bojan MihalicekBojan Mihalicek
21:30 17 Nov 22
I came with a problem of the cervical and lumbar spine (which lasts 15 years), tingling in the legs (as a consequence of sciatica), and injury of the ankle and Achilles tendon of the leg from a year ago. He solved all my problems with dry needling and chiropractic techniques. Tony is extremely accessible and explains everything he does in detail. Expertise, customer relationship, and communication are at a very high level. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has not been helped by conventional techniques.
Bernard ButoracBernard Butorac
21:10 17 Nov 22
I came to Tony through the recommendation of a handball player friend and I did not regret it. In several treatments, he solved the problem of a painful cervical spine and jaw that was painful to the movement and bite. The mobility of the jaw is very important to me because I'm in the singing business. The boyfriend also came with a problem with the cervical and lumbar spine, tingling in the legs, and injury to the wrist and tendon of the leg. He solved our problems with dry needling and chiropractic techniques. Toni is very approachable and everything he does he explains in detail, and also without hesitation you can ask him anything you want to know, so we let him in without fear. Business, expertise, customer relationship, and communication 5+.
Vesna KlanacVesna Klanac
17:44 28 Oct 22
After two dry needling treatments, my shoulder and neck loosened up, and the tension eased enough that after two months I finally have no headaches and no more dizziness. After the third dry needling treatment, the remaining pain on the right side, like muscle tension, has almost disappeared. I'm looking forward to the last treatment. Although it is known as a painful treatment, it was very tolerable for me, and it even seemed very relaxing. I am very glad that I found Toni on IG.
Sonja BrajkinaSonja Brajkina
04:31 12 Oct 22
Physio Toni is a very pleasant, educated and humble young person, who knows his job without much mystification and philosophy "hits the head" and immediately goes to solve the problem as quickly as possible and more than successfully. In communication, he is also pleasant and measured, adapts to the patient and has wide knowledge and can talk to him about various topics, which makes the treatment even easier and leads to the feeling that the treatment lasts much shorter than it really does.So successful in my case that after 9 months of almost vegetating due to enormous pain, after the first treatment, I started walking at least 5 km a day, and after the second I started again working out! I can only recommend this young expert in his field and say a big thank you to him.
10:11 26 Sep 22
If I could give 100 stars, it would be small. It's actually hard for me to put together impressions and sentences and to fully express how grateful I am. What a relief after years of shoulder discomfort and inability to rotate, when you finally manage to rotate your shoulder all the way. No pain! Tony's expertise, knowledge, and love for his job are evident in his every sentence. The problem is approached directly, without BS, immediately tells what and how to expect. I had high expectations that he exceeded. Tony, thank you!
16:37 24 Jul 22
The man, without any philosophy, quickly and efficiently solved the problem of the lower spine, which had followed me for more than five years and which I thought would remain chronic. I recommend everyone to go and let Tony examine him and decide which solution is best. Tony, thank you again!
Janja MuzinaJanja Muzina
07:42 14 May 22
I'm gonna use the kids 'dictionary and say," I don't like dry needling!". With the recommendation of a friend who I talked to about the pain I was living with due to a messy life and long hours of computer work, I came to Tony for treatment. During the treatment, Tony eased my pain by talking and explaining. I went back for another treatment. Today I live without pain and I recommend Tony to everyone for his professionalism, expertise and human approach with respect to the client.

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