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What exactly is medical flossing?

Medical flossing is a therapy with special rubber bands that we apply to inflamed and painful joints. 

Rubber bands temporarily stop venous circulation for a short time and thus increase the movement of soft tissues in order to make it easier for the patient to perform the given movement or exercise while the band is on the treated joint. 

These mechanisms instantly reduce pain inside the joint and increase the range of movement in the same treated joint. 

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Diagnoses using medical flossing

Some of the diagnoses in which medical flossing has proven to be a fast and effective technique are:

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How does medical flossing work?

Medical flossing works by using special rubber bands to briefly stop venous circulation within the treated joint to reduce pain when moving and increase the range of movement itself. After we quickly remove the tape we will get a "flush" (influx of fresh circulation into the joint) response of the body that promotes the regeneration of the joint and we will allow free sliding of the fascia (connective tissue) to establish normal movement in the joint.

When applying the technique, 3 primary effects of action occur: 

  1. Sponge effect
  2. Subcutaneous irritation
  3. Kinetik resolve
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Frequently asked questions about technology:

If you have a sore and swollen joint with limited movement, you are an ideal candidate for medical flossing therapy. 

Some of the most common diagnoses treated with the technique are a frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, jumpers knee, and ankle distortion.

The application of the tape to the joint causes mild immediate discomfort due to the compression of the nerve receptors on the skin of the body. 

After the tape compresses the joint, the movement becomes painless, which is the goal of the therapy.

Medical flossing is one of the few techniques in physical therapy and medicine that has an immediate effect on the joint and the establishment of normal function in it. 

Immediately after the application of the tape, a better range of motion is established and pain inside the joint is reduced.

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