Become an expert in palpatory diagnostics

Learn to accurately recognize problems of the locomotor system using targeted knowledge of functional anatomy and movement.

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4 modules

119 muscles

5 certificates

Faculty knowledge

Detailed diagnostics

Solution to the problem

How to identify exact problem of the patient?

The vast majority of rehabilitation professionals at the University did not get the right knowledge for precise diagnostics of the problem. If these questions sound familiar to you, you are not alone

Learn to recognize the problem more accurately!

We understand your frustration with the education system and the lack of targeted and practical information regarding anatomy and diagnostics.

Main lecturer of the education of Palpatory Anatomy and Diagnostics Toni Marić was in the same position at the end of college and at the beginning of his career. Through targeted 40 + courses around the world he learned in order to improve his knowledge of anatomy, diagnostics and therapeutic procedures, and became number 1 rated Physiotherapist in Croatia with over 300 reviews and a 5.0 rating. 

With his guidance, you can become a top expert in anatomy and diagnostics and attract significantly more patients to your office! 

Toni Physioverse Academy

Academy Of Palpatory Anatomy

Physioverse Academy

Module 1 - trunk and spine

Physioverse Academy

Module 2 - upper extremities

Physioverse Academy

Module 3 - lower extremities

Physioverse Academy

Module 4 - head and neck

When applying for all 4 modules at once, we offer you a special discount of 500 euros!

What will get you with Palpatory Anatomy and Diagnostics?

The most complete knowledge of anatomy

You will hone your pre-existing knowledge of anatomy and bring it to the highest level.

The precise ability to target the location of individual muscles

You will master the special techniques with which you can accurately locate every muscle in the human body.

Knowledge of palpatory diagnostics

You will learn how hypertonus and muscle dysfunction can cause disorders of the locomotor system.

Detailed script

At the beginning of the course, you will receive a detailed script of the theoretical and practical part of the course.

Certificates in English

Certificates that you can use as proof of expertise and knowledge of anatomy and palpatory diagnostics all over the world.

Constant contact with the lecturer

It will allow you to solve your patient's problem even when you have not encountered this problem before.

Safe use of therapeutic techniques

Knowledge of accurate diagnostics and anatomy will allow you to perform significantly safer therapies.

Relaxed atmosphere

At our educations we maintain a relaxed atmosphere in which no question is “stupid” and the lecturer dedicates himself to each participant.

Complementary rehabilitation

For each of these disorders, we will list techniques that can be successfully used to rehabilitate that disorder.

Who can apply for the course?

Are you ready to learn and advance in your career? 

Career progression in 3 steps!

1. Step: Apply for the course

By e-mail we will book you the first available place and you will become a student of our academy.

2. Step: Learn with us

At the Academy of Palpatory Anatomy and Diagnostics, you will learn how to accurately locate a muscle and recognize disorders of its function.

3. Step: Become a top expert

Upon completion of the education module, you will know the exact anatomical location of the processed muscles, their function, how to locate them and how to recognize problems in them.

What do our students say?

Physioverse Academy
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Anđelka TadićAnđelka Tadić
14:47 27 Sep 23
Margareta TeskerMargareta Tesker
11:28 19 Sep 23
Tony is an accomplished educator, patient and very specific. The education itself is brilliantly conceived with a lot of examples from practice , not just examples from scientific papers. Recommended for all lovers of dry needling.
Kristijan RanogajecKristijan Ranogajec
11:55 18 Sep 23
Very pleasant atmosphere, professionally designed education.Congratulations to Tony and his team.
iva suceviciva sucevic
19:06 17 Sep 23
Compliments on top education. All references.
Aldin TiganjAldin Tiganj
15:20 17 Sep 23
Marija HorvatMarija Horvat
14:49 31 Aug 23
I was impressed by the individual training in cupping therapy. Quick appointment agreement, professional, and at the same time relaxed and fun. Tony is an excellent teacher and mentor, so my recommendations to everyone!
Zagreb MuaythaiZagreb Muaythai
22:26 04 Jul 23
Top expert, recommendations.
Lorena CokolLorena Cokol
14:06 01 Jul 23
Excellent education of Dry needling. Toni is expert and dedicated, providing clear explanations and useful examples from practice. All recommendations!
Paula ChotićPaula Chotić
16:56 29 Jun 23
Dry needling course, first of all a very nice experience and a smiling team, for Tony only words of praise, he is a physiotherapist who, in his education, besides students, fellow physiotherapists, kinesitherapists, has doctors of neurology, I think that says enough how much knowledge he has, and he transfers that knowledge very well to others. Although needling is an intensive method, after it we can do it without fear.:)
Marija IvicaMarija Ivica
16:05 26 Jun 23
Quality organized course, concrete and clear information followed by practical exercises. Recommendation!
Excellent Dry needling course: unparalleled Anatomy, good demonstration, excellent mutual training and simulation of real conditions, all materials included, and Toni excellent in every way! Definitely recommended!!!
Dorian Ivan ŠloparDorian Ivan Šlopar
14:14 25 Jun 23
I was in the dry needling lv1 education.Toni is a great mentor, relaxed and communicative, very professional and with a great knowledge of technique.All recommendations for Tonia and education !!
Katarina PavičićKatarina Pavičić
13:50 25 Jun 23
Excellent education from Dry needling 1. All praise for the education. I am really happy with the knowledge I have gained and motivated to further improve. 😁
Šime GulanŠime Gulan
21:02 06 Jun 23
I recently participated in the Cupping training, organized by the Physioverse Academy. Extremely high-quality and comprehensive education held by our colleague Toni Marić. Toni is a very high-quality and educated physiotherapist who selflessly transfers his knowledge and skills to other colleagues, but also knows how to create a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in which it is a pleasure to work. Given the experience gained, I recommend to all young physiotherapists, as well as colleagues from other health professions, to upgrade their knowledge with the education programs offered by the Physioverse Academy.
12:53 06 Jun 23
I'm thrilled with cupping's education. Education lasted one day, which can be difficult (too much information in a short time), but this education was not so. Education is designed to have more practice than theory. Tony taught the theory briefly and clearly. The theory is associated with examples of practice. The practical part is excellent, i.e. He showed by segments and diagnoses. This is not my first physical therapy education, but I can point it out as the best. Tony's an excellent lecturer. I look forward to the next education. It's all good Tony
David KekićDavid Kekić
18:04 05 Jun 23
I recommend Physioverse Academy to everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills. Toni is by far the best lecturer I've had the opportunity to listen to. With a relaxed atmosphere, a wide range of knowledge, and a very elite knowledge of the profession, Toni has a very unique and charismatic approach to each student and an excellent way of transferring knowledge. So that by the end of your education, you can immediately use the technique learned on it. Please continue working such an awesome job.
Matej MihaljevićMatej Mihaljević
23:38 04 Jun 23
I was at Toni's cupping education! Excellent lecturer, answers all questions, devotes himself to everyone and always inspects everyone's work. I recommend it to everyone!
Lukssa TomicLukssa Tomic
21:24 04 Jun 23
For the first time in my life, I attended this type of education and I can only say positive things about Physioverse Academy. Of course, the education would not have been so excellent without our colleague Toni, who is full of experience and knowledge (especially for such a young physiotherapist), which he is very happy to pass on to all his colleagues, and even after the education he remained in contact with everyone and is available for any questions. I look forward to participating again in other education programs that Physioverse Academy offers.
Marko KolarMarko Kolar
10:03 07 May 23
All recommendations, from Marko as a lecturer who has patience without any haste to dedicate himself to each participant. While Tonia, as someone who actively participates in education and with a mountain of examples, gives a lot of advice for any situation you put in front of it.
Doris P (PDoris)Doris P (PDoris)
14: 29 11 Dec 22
Warm recommendations for Physioverse Academy! Toni is a top expert and, above all, with his top knowledge of anatomy and diagnostics, he transfers everything to the students, supported by years of experience in his clinic 🙂. For my first education, I guessed from the first try and learned from the best, but it will definitely not be the last! 😇
Jan ŠumandlJan Šumandl
18:30 26 Nov 22
This is my first experience with Physioverse Academy and I am so excited. A very good approach to the topic in general, a lot of practical work, and dedication to the students of education. Toni is a top expert who explained everything very well and I am very pleased that I was able to learn a new technique that I can start applying immediately. Thank you for everything and I hope there will be more quality education and courses!
Nicole KatalinicNicole Katalinic
09: 56 07 Nov 22
The education was excellent. Toni is a super educator and conveys his knowledge and experience in a professional and understandable way. Recommendation for all physiotherapists.
Ivan ŠafarIvan Šafar
15: 12 01 Nov 22
Dry needling education is great, Toni as a mentor is a super relaxed character, easy to understand, and everything he explains is very practical, and shows and conveys knowledge. The atmosphere was also super relaxed, I recommend colleagues who are interested in education will here have an awesome experience with Physioverse Academy.
Iva MarkacIva Markac
17: 55 31 Oct 22
I definitely recommend the Dry Needling course. Toni completed the education without much theoretical philosophizing and in a simple and effective way transferred his knowledge and experience to participants.
Petra Hajnić GnjidićPetra Hajnić Gnjidić
17: 02 31 Oct 22
Tony is an expert educator and explains everything in a very understandable way. Every recommendation for those who are considering a Physioverse Academy education!
Lucija GnjidicLucija Gnjidic
18: 13 30 Oct 22
I am very much looking forward to the academy and the new training and courses that will be held there. I am sure that something new and different is waiting for us, as always! The lecturers are first-class, and their approach and way of explaining are perfect because they teach a very demanding topic in a very simple and understandable way!

Why educate yourself with us?

Physioverse Academy

  • Unique education
  • Detailed diagnostics
  • Constant contact with the lecturer
  • Detailed script
  • Simple explanations
  • Combining a variety of techniques

Other organizations

  • Education that you have everywhere
  • Non-existent diagnostics
  • Lecturer unavailability
  • Small or non-existent script
  • Complicated lecturing
  • Not combining any techniques

Why attend Palpatory Anatomy and Diagnostics?

Learn to accurately identify the problem

You will learn how to quickly and accurately find essential anatomical structures and connect them to a potential problem of the locomotor system.

The most detailed scripts for work and reference

At the beginning of each module you will receive a very detailed and comprehensive script with all the content of the education that serves as a reminder.

Become A Palpation Anatomy Specialist

After completing all 4 modules of palpation Anatomy and Diagnostics, you will receive the certificate of Palpation Anatomy Specialist.

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Learn in what order you need to take steps to become a rehabilitation specialist that you have always wanted to be!

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How to become a rehabilitation expert? (Croatian language)

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