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the difference between a physiatrist and a physiotherapist


Physiatrist is a medical doctor specializing in Physical medicine and rehabilitation who completed 6 years of Faculty of medicine and additional 4 years of specialization of Physical medicine and rehabilitation. 

Physiatrists are engaged in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Physiatrists prescribe physical therapy, rehabilitation exercises, refer to further tests, prescribe orthopedic aids and drugs.

The workplace of physiatrists are hospitals, polyclinics, private clinics and similar medical institutions. 

The difference between a physiotherapist and a physiotherapist
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Physiotherapist is a health professional who can complete different levels of education. 

  1. Physical therapy technician completed 4 years of high school. 
  2. Bacc. physiotherapy completed 3 years of college. 
  3. Mag. physiotherapy completed 5 years of college. 

Physiotherapists are engaged in the prevention and targeted treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Physical therapists actually work with patients to reduce pain, increase mobility, increase strength, and ultimately restore optimal body function. 

Workplaces of physiotherapists are private practices, hospitals, polyclinics, sports clubs, fitness centers and numerous others.

What's the difference?

Physiatrist is a medical doctor who graduated from the Faculty of medicine and for this reason can prescribe further tests, medicines and therapy through insurance. 

Physiotherapist is a health professional of different levels of Education who specializes in targeted rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. 


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Bsc. PT. Toni Marić

Tony is a BSc. PT, owner of Ad Sacrum practice and director of Physioverse Academy, has been following elite athletes for years and teaches International courses for physiotherapists and other rehabilitation professionals.

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