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Who are we and what is our mission?

Physioverse Academy is an organization for high-quality education and courses in the area of physiotherapy, kinesiology and medicine. In our organization lecturers are exclusively the greatest experts that have gone through practical work and patient reviews showed that they are the best of experts in their areas of physical therapy, rehabilitation and medicine. 

Main mission of the Physioverse Academy is with concrete and targeted education to significantly increase the quality of physical therapy, medicine and rehabilitation in general in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Europe and finally in the world.

Dry needling Level 1 Vietnam
Young physiotherapists and kinesitherapists

We were in your position too!

Young rehabilitation professionals who do not have an exact career and education direction.

Our lecturers at the beginning of their careers were also in a position of uncertainty and indecision as you are now. Unfortunately, we all went through this and the good majority of us did not have the adequate person who could direct us in the right direction. 

All our lecturers had to start their own additional education alone and managed to lead themselves independently to leadership of the world's most successful clinics

You don't have to go through this process alone. 

We are here to give you direction and help you choose the path that will be most effective for you. 

If you are ready to learn how to solve patients problems faster and in the longer term , get a job in the profession you have always wanted and open your highly successful rehab clinic sign up for our training today!

Ready to continue your career?

Meet our team!

Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb

BsC. PT. Toni Marić

Director and lecturer
Toni is the founder and director of Physioverse Academy and the head lecturer of Dry needling, Cupping, and Palpation Anatomy.

Toni runs Ad Sacrum clinic, the best-rated physiotherapy clinic in Croatia, specializing in spinal diseases and sports injuries.
Kinesitherapist Marko Drašković

Mag.Cin. Marko Drasković

Marko is the head lecturer of Smart Flossing technique, Biomechanics in Rehabilitation, and an elite kinesitherapist.

Marko runs Sternum clinic in Velika Gorica where he works primarily on injury rehabilitation of elite athletes.
Physiotherapist Damjan Ljubić

BsC. PT. Damjan Ljubić

Damjan is the head lecturer of Clinical and Rehabilitation massage and elite sports and orthopedic physiotherapist.

Damjan runs Fizio Clinic in Zagreb where he rehabilitates elite athletes and disorders of the locomotor system.
Physiotherapist Lucija Gnjidić

BsC. PT. Lucija Gnjidić

Lucija is a first generation Dry needling master therapist at Physioverse Academy and the first assistant of Dry needling education.

Lucija runs Body Architect practice in Zagreb where she specializes in working with elite athletes and orthopedic and neurological patients.
Physiotherapist Nicol Katalinić

BsC. PT. Nicol Katalinić

Nicol is an excellent physiotherapist with many years of experience and is the first assistant in education in clinical and Rehabilitation massage.

Nicol runs a Fizio Clinic in Zagreb where she rehabilitates the general population and specific disorders of the musculoskeletal system using specific techniques.

Lecturers associates

Dr. Giovanni Bonfanti D.O.F

Director of Ithrust Academy and lecturer
Dr. Giovanni Bonfanti is the master lecturer and director of the Ithrust Academy.

Giovanni Bonfanti is a doctor of Osteopathy with over 20 years of experience working with patients and currently provides training in over 50 countries worldwide.
Adnan Kojić Ithrust lecturer

BsC. PT. Adnan Kojić

Licensed lecturer Ithrust Academy
Adnan is one of Ithrust Academy's leading lecturers running the Basic course.

Adnan is also a very experienced physiotherapist who in his practice in Bar in Montenegro treats numerous elite athletes, celebrities and the general population.

Our education

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Diagnostics 1 on 1
Dry needling 1
Dry needling 2
Dry needling MASTER
Dry needling 1 on 1
Cupping course
Cupping course 1 on 1
Smart Flossing
Smart Flossing 1 on 1
Clinical Massage
Clinical Massage 1 on 1
Ithrust Basic
Ithrust Advanced
Biomechanics 1 on 1

7 countries

500+ studenata

5.0 rating

90+ courses

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