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Find answers to the most common questions asked by our students

How can I apply for courses?

For education and courses you can apply via contact form or by e-mail

Are there any conditions for applying for courses?

For more demanding courses, a higher level of education is required. You will find detailed information on our individual course pages.

Is it necessary to pay the registration fee when applying?

When applying, it is necessary to pay a registration fee, which guarantees you a seat at the course.

Do you get a certificate after the course?

After all of our courses you will get certificate in English language for successfully completed course.

How to prepare for the course?

Prior to the course, it is necessary to repeat anatomy and kinesiology thoroughly in order to more easily follow the course.

Is manual therapy really effective?

Research says that rehabilitation programs that combine manual and active therapy provide the best rehabilitation outcomes.

Can I learn the technique by myself?

You can learn the technique yourself. But how will you learn it and will you really know how to apply it to targeted diagnoses?

How do I know I have enough knowledge to apply?

If you have a prior knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, you should not have too much trouble adopting techniques.

Will I get points from the physiotherapy chamber?

Our educations are not scored by the chamber because the cost of education when scoring the same is 15% higher for all participants.

Why aren't courses cheaper?

Cheaper courses are usually of lower quality. With our courses you will learn the most from every technique!

Do you want to become elite therapist?

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How to become a rehabilitation expert? (Croatian language)

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How to become a rehabilitation expert? (Croatian language)

+ free access to an online anatomy course taught by a Harvard professor

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