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Manual treatment - spine

400 kn / 53.09 eur

Manual treatment - emergency

500 kn / 66.36 eur

Initial examination

400 kn / 53.09 eur

Manual treatment - extremity

400 kn / 53.09 eur

If you need help choosing a treatment feel free to contact us via our contact forms


Unfortunately not. You can perform physical therapy with us, but only privately.

We always try to give you the first free appointment. The best way to get an early appointment is to immediately contact us by message on our Whatsapp number 0915025407 or through our contact form on the website.

In our office you can pay in 2 ways. Payment to the account when booking the appointment and cash on the previous treatment for the next treatment. All treatments in our office must be paid in advance!

Our therapy is exclusively performed by a highly educated senior physiotherapist with many years of experience in sports and orthopedic physiotherapy. 

You can come to us without both. Before each therapy, our chief physiotherapist performs an examination to determine the necessary therapy.

We're not focusing on time, we're focusing on your problem. Sometimes it takes less time to solve a problem, and sometimes longer, it is important to solve the problem in the end.

Each patient is an individual and each patient has different problems and different goals in solving the problem. After the initial examination, we will know more about this, but it also depends on your reaction to the treatments themselves.

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