Smart Flossing course Mostar

Learn Smart flossing technique in order to quickly and long term treat the most common sports injuries

Smart Flossing course Mostar

What will you learn on the course?

Theoretical part - 10% of the course

Practical part - 90% of the course

Course schedule

Smart Flossing course Mostar
Smart Flossing course
(100% popunjeno)

Targeted rehabilitation and kinesiological application. 

Mag.Cin. Marko Drasković
300 KM

Learn how to treat sports injuries quickly and effectively!

We were also in a situation where sports injuries and overstrain syndromes were unknown to us

Lecturer on the Smart Flossing course, Kinesitherapist Marko Drašković helped a large number of elite athletes in his office, with the help of the Smart Flossing technique. In work with elite football players he has extensive experience in the treatment of sports injuries.

You can also learn a technique that will allow you to deal with sports injuries much faster and more effectively!

Master of kinesiology Marko Drašković

Mag.Cin. Marko Drasković

  • guest lecturer at the faculty
  • orthopedic specialization
  • sports specialization
  • in cooperation with sports clubs
  • in cooperation with sports associations
  • owner of private clinic 
  • head lecturer of Smart Flossing
  • teaching in 2 countries

What will you get on the Smart Flossing course?

Treatment of targeted diagnoses

You will help your patients more accurately and in the longer term.

A combination of precise techniques

We will explain how you can use techniques in combination with other techniques to get a top result the fastest.

Safe execution of the techniques

Start doing the technique safely and effectively the next day after the course.

Detailed script

At the beginning of the course, you will receive a detailed script of the theoretical and practical part of the course.

Easy learning

We will not unnecessarily complicate already complicated matter and you will very simply adopt complicated techniques.

Relaxed atmosphere

In our courses, we maintain a relaxed atmosphere in which no question is “stupid”.

Learning at the sports clinic

You'll be taught by a top sports therapist.

Certificate in English language

A certificate that you can use as proof of expertise and knowledge all over the world.

Constant contact with the lecturer

It will allow you to solve your patient's problem even when you have not encountered this problem before.

Who can apply for the course?

Are you ready to learn and grow? 

Career progression in 3 steps!

1. Step: Apply for the course

By e-mail we will book you the first available spot and you will be a student of the Smart Flossing course.

2. Step: Learn with us

In the Smart Flossing course, you will learn how to safely, accurately and effectively apply the Flossing technique to sports injuries.

3. step: Become elite therapist

Upon completion of the Smart Flossing course, you will know how to treat sports injuries and overstrain syndromes much faster, more effectively and in the long term.

What do the course participants say?

aaaaa 5/5

"Great lecturers"

I am very pleased with Smart Flossing education. Excellent organization, excellent lecturers, everything well explained.
Smart Flossing
Ivana Kirin
Student of kinesiology
aaaaa 5/5

"Patient lecturers"

Marko, as a lecturer, has patience to devote himself to every participant, while Toni, as an organizer, actively participates in education and helps.
Smart Flossing student
Marko Kolar
Fitness trainer
aaaaa 5/5

"Great education"

Marko and Toni are excellent educators who provide accurate information with empirical knowledge and techniques are immediately applicable.
Smart Flossing student
Davor Plazanic
Bacc. Kinesiology

Why educate yourself with us?

Physioverse Academy

  • Learning techniques with active movement
  • Targeted movement patterns
  • Treatment of targeted diagnoses
  • Constant contact with the lecturer
  • Detailed script
  • Simple explanations
  • A combination of different techniques

Other organizations

  • Learning without active movement
  • Generic movement patterns
  • Learning techniques without diagnostics
  • Lecturer unavailability
  • Small or non-existent script
  • Complicated lecturing
  • Not combining any techniques

Smart Flossing course galleries

Price list

Smart Flossing

KM 300
  • Detailed scripts
  • 3 types of applied techniques
  • Internationally recognised certificate

Course occupancy and location


Filled seats

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